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Digital Signage News Aggregation



The core service is the aggregation of news concerning digital signage and its the marketing. We collect news from around the world early each morning London time. This information is then sent daily snd weekly to our subscribers in the form of a newsletter by e-mail.

We also publish Press Releases. Primarily the information forwarded consists of a headline with embedded link back to origin. Full text can be hosted on our server if so required.

Tracked click data from the newsletter and marketing publications is collected over the day to provide marketing direction and trends for our advertisers. No e-mails are revealed to our advertisers nor third parties during this function nor any other.



Advertising via the use of Banners can be subscribed, Rates Are:

Main Sponsor top most Cross Banner: £400.-p.m

all other Cross Banners: £250.- p.m.

Top Left-Hand Column Box Banner £350 - only one available

Left-Hand Box Banners £150.- p.m.

Special negotiated rates apply for fully paid annual paid in advance agreements.

Cross baners ar 600 x 80

Box Banners are 250 x 250

GIFs can be used for animation

Banner is installed and published upon receipt of funds, in advance.




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